Readings from the African American Playwrights Exchange (AAPEX)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Written by Owa, directed by Aixa Kendrick; with Topaz and Victor Denzell Ramsey.
Auld Lang Syne
Written and directed by Alan Sharpe; with Talmach White, Ricardo Fredrick Evans, and Monte J. Wolfe.
Lies of Handsome Men
With music and lyrics by Francesca Blumenthal, performed by Topaz.
Down There
Written by Julia Press Simmons; directed by Passion; with Pamela Monroe and Taqiyya Haden.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You're Gettin Me Hot
Written and directed by Fernando Manon; with Staxx Cordero and Lawrence Floyd.
Simple Majorities
Written by Ben Marshall; directed by Abigail Ramsay; with Duane Allen, Tobi Kanter, Mark Hamlet, Brian Deutsch, and Dwayne A. Thomas.



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